EMCC Global Provider Summit

26th November 2019 - London Heathrow, United Kingdom


EMCC Global Provider Summit

26th November 2019 - London Heathrow, United Kingdom


Dr Silvia Turjanski Loustric

Cultural agility: the borderless challenge

Session on 26 November 2019 11:00 UTC - View on timetable


‘Are we changing as fast as the world around us?’ Gary Hamel

Our dialogue will explore how we can:

  • Become cultural agile as coaches
  • Help the organisations to understand the real meaning of leverage diversity
  • Explore the complexity of deep cultural differences
  • Develop cultural intelligence efficiently and effectively as an essential skill in the organisations.


Dr Silvia Turjanski Loustric is a medical doctor, a trained specialist in Psychiatry, and has been working in different fields of the Mental Health sector since she graduated from University. After finishing her Internship in Buenos Aires she moved to Paris where she navigated for over a decade between the clinical and the research world. She completed her studies in Psychopharmacology and in addition holds a Master degree in Psychopathology and Neurobiology of Behaviour. Silvia also worked for a major pharmaceutical company that allowed her to understand the inner functioning of big organisations.

Silvia has over 20 years experience of helping professionals and managers on their personal development, life-balance, leadership competencies, and organisational change. She has been working with people and teams from different industries and diverse cultural backgrounds. Her clients include the following sectors: Finance and Banking, Automotive, Printing, Consulting, Hospitality, Diplomatic Corps, and International Organisations such as the European Union, United Nations etc. She coaches in English, Spanish, and French.

As a multinational and multilingual professional she specialises in cultural intelligence. She works with teams and leaders helping them to gain agility to communicate and co-ordinate across complex diversity landscapes in order to develop and leverage a culture of inclusion to maximise performance.

She is a member of the EMCC Global Quality Award (EQA) Accreditation Team, an EMCC Global Quality Award Assessor, and an EMCC Global External Verifier.