EMCC Global Provider Summit

26th November 2019 - London Heathrow, United Kingdom


EMCC Global Provider Summit

26th November 2019 - London Heathrow, United Kingdom


Jackie Arnold & Elaine Patterson

Centre for Reflective Practice and Coach4Executives

Session on 26 November 2019 14:45 UTC - View on timetable


From ‘Tomorrow’s Global Leaders Today: Executive Reflection – For Working Wisely in Turbulent Times’ Project

Sharing the conclusions from our action research study the Value and Relevance of Executive Reflection in today’s GVD World and asking how can the professional bodies best train, support, and resource practitioners to help resource leaders to lead wisely in turbulent times?

Starting the Conversation……

Our new book calls for a new generic leadership style called Executive Reflection to enable, support and resource global leaders to work wisely in turbulent times. Our research found that practitioners who work 1:1 with global leaders to support this new style of leadership need to also enable, support and resources themselves to work in this way. We defined 1:1 work as:

‘1:1 Executive Reflection is an independently co-created learning partnership and distinct developmental practice built on trust, safety and service. Executive Reflection provides a uniquely creative, compassionate, resourceful, and generative oasis for leaders to gain a robust and deep awareness and super-vision of WHO they are, WHY they lead and HOW they lead. The process attends to both their personal and professional development that in turn resources leaders to lead wisely in turbulent times.’

and that

.The Practitioner works as an independent and confidential witness, companion, mirror and observer providing a creative space and non judgmental container for deep thinking and reflection. The Practitioner creates the personal and environmental field conditions for the leader to gain profound insight, resourcing, and learning to ignite personal, team, and organisational change and wise action.’

We are in the very early stages of our thinking but would like to use our time together to explore what is needed. We would like to explore with you ‘What does it feel like as you endeavour to support leaders to work wisely in turbulent times?’ and ‘What response is needed from the professional coaching and supervision field, training bodies, and accreditation systems to support you?’

‘Coach 4 Executives – Executive Reflection for Global Leaders’ on Vimeo:


Jackie Arnold is an international Executive Coach, Supervisor, and Cross-Cultural Expert at Coach4Executives who has spent over thirty years partnering with leaders from all over the world. As well as being a prolific author she has worked extensively as a leadership coach with a wide range of organisations in Europe and the Far East.

Elaine Patterson is an international Executive Coach, Supervisor,and Reflective Thinking Partner at the Centre for Reflection and Creativity Ltd. Elaine blends over thirty years of senior leadership with her extensive training and research in creativity, reflection, and people development.