EMCC Global Provider Summit

26th November 2019 - London Heathrow, United Kingdom


EMCC Global Provider Summit

26th November 2019 - London Heathrow, United Kingdom


Vesna Jovicevic


Session on 26 November 2019 14:45 UTC - View on timetable


Ethiopia: Fertile ground for the sustainable development of NGO leadership coaching.

What if the highest level of executive coaching was accessible to organisations addressing the greatest global challenges of our time? This was the question EthicalCoach first asked itself. Sustainable access to excellent coaching locally is an imperative and accreditation as part of the coach development journey ensures the development of the practices that sustain excellence.

EthicalCoach bridges the for-profit and non-profit worlds, bringing executive coaching, previously only available to corporate leaders, to charities and nonprofit organisations addressing the greatest humanitarian and environmental challenges of our time. By applying the techniques and tools of coaching to philanthropic efforts, EthicalCoach is creating a platform to change lives.

EMCC Global accredited programme(s):

  • CMI’s ‘Introduction to Executive and Team Coaching’
  • CRR Global’s ‘Relationship-Systems-Intelligence@Work’

EthicalCoach chose to accredit their programmes with EMCC, due to the value placed on reflective practice. From the cohort of 30, ten coaches were selected to co-coach NGO teams with International Coaches throughout 2019. The EthicalCoach Team wished to develop foundational practices that would support coaches for the long-term. EMCC accreditation gave EthicalCoach the structure and framework to design their programmes to create the reflective habit.


Vesna Jovicevic is part of the EthicalCoach Local Coach Network Support Team, ensuring Ethiopian NGO alignment to the EthicalCoach vision, by providing guidance for international and local coaches. She is an experienced senior programme/project/change manager with a passion for people development, coaching, and mentoring in culturally diverse environments. Vesna has significant experience working in the large IT departments in both Delivery and People Development roles, with a vast amount of transferable skills within the Financial Services and Broadcasting industry. She has skills development coach experience focusing on project management as well as leadership and management standards. Vensa is keeping her technical knowledge current, especially focusing on a disruptive innovation.